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Printing Specs

General Artwork Guidelines

• Fonts must be converted to outlines
• Not having trim marks for rectangle artwork is preferred
• Please include company name in File Name
• PDF artwork only
• Provide artwork at 100% final size (this does not apply to banners)
• Artwork to be in CMYK colour - for any colours which need matching we need  pantones and there are additional fees for colour matching

Banner Specific Artwork Guidelines

• Provide Artwork at 100% final size (for banners over 5m please make 50% scale and make it clear in your file name the final size and the scale done)
• 50mm internal bleed is needed on each edge is recommended
• 25mm external bleed is needed on each edge (50mm total to each dimension) for banner
• Example - A 1000mm x 1000mm banner supplied as 1050mm x 1050mm with bleeds
• Please see general artwork guidelines for any other consideration not outlined